Alaska Fireweed Hydrosol – Whole Plant Essence in Elegant Glass Sprayer

Experience the wild beauty of Alaska with our Fireweed Hydrosol, distilled from the entire fireweed plant using an alembic copper still. Elegantly packaged in a glass spray bottle, this refreshing mist offers on-the-go nourishment and style, keeping you connected to nature’s serenity.

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Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Alaska with our Fireweed Hydrosol, a delightful floral mist made from the complete fireweed plant – stems, leaves, and flowers. Using a traditional alembic copper still, we’ve captured the authentic and rich fragrance of the wilderness.

Packaged in a refined glass bottle with a sprayer for easy application, this hydrosol is protected from light, ensuring that the product’s natural integrity remains unspoiled. The bottle is convenient for carrying in your handbag for a refreshing spritz anytime, anywhere.


  • Whole Plant Distillation: Captures the full essence of fireweed for a uniquely authentic experience.
  • Light-Protected Packaging: The brown glass bottle maintains the product’s freshness and vitality.
  • Traditional Crafting Method: Our use of an alembic copper still embodies a timeless connection to nature.
  • Pure and Simple: Embrace simplicity with a product free from artificial fragrances and additives.

Our Alaska Fireweed Hydrosol is your daily touch of the wild, connecting you to the unspoiled grace of nature’s garden. Enjoy the tranquility of Alaska with every spritz.

Alternate Names: Rosebay Willowherb, Great Willowherb, Blooming Sally, Purple Rocket, Narrow-leaved Fireweed, Willow Herb, Saint Anthony’s Laurel, Flowering Sally, Bombweed, Koporye Tea, Wickup, Ivan Chai (Russian name), Wild Wicopy, Wild Heliotrope, Deer’s Grass, Fireweed Willowherb, Fireweed Plant, Fireweed Rosebay, Giant Willowherb, Common Fireweed.

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